Mission Statement

Founded in 1994, Intech 21, Inc. is a privately held company, which designs, develops and manufactures radio frequency based communication technologies, products and systems for diverse range of control and monitoring applications.

Tens of thousands of Intech 21 wireless smart meters , process sensors and wireless heating control systems have been saving between 20% and 40% of energy consumption while dramatically reducing carbon emissions.

Integration of multiple functions in one smart device allow:

  • Immediate cost savings and short payback
  • Existing buildings can be retrofitted with virtually no downtime
  • Significant cost savings for new construction projects vs. conventional systems

These products combine ruggedness to withstand noise and interference with sleek and unobtrusive design, which also provides sophistication in control strategies and open communications with other systems .

Intech 21 single cohesive enterprise solution offers:

  • Remote, web based monitoring and control
  • Immediate response to critical situations
  • System management from any location
  • Remote alarm notification via any media (email, SMS, cell, etc.)

Intech 21, Inc. has pioneered and has over a decade of track record with our patented fully addressable token ring method for communication over power lines as well as self healing wireless network.

The New York City Housing Authority has received awards for the implementation and use of Intech 21 energy system, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg award for best energy technology of the year.   

Intech 21 solution is equally effective in a five apartment building or a campus with more than 100 buildings - plug and save. It makes a regular air conditioner or a regular apartment radiator valve smarter , able to communicate and be remotely controlled. It allows a regular smoke or carbon monoxide detector be connected into a central system.

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