designing, developing and manufacturing wireless web-enabled communication systems for monitoring and control of all energy assets

An Electricity Submetering Success Story

Thomas Morrisson
Habitat Publisher in Green Ideas

Cheap, Small and in Control

Edward H. Fitzelle
Habitat Publisher in Submetering

“During this time we have developed for NYCHA the Computerized Heating Automated System. CHAS has been used successfully by NYCHA to centralize all of its boiler plants and heating operations. NYCHA has received several awards for the use of this centralized system. This system was pioneered by Intech 21 at the Castle Hill NYCHA Development."

Robert Wirsing
Bronx Times

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) is the recipient of the "Energy Project of the Year" award for a number of heating and lighting upgrades to Castle Hill Houses – a complex of 14 residential buildings and more than 2,000 apartments in the Bronx. The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) selected NYCHA's energy management project among others in a regional judging that included several states


The Bronx is Greening: How the Boogie-Down Borough Is Leading in Alternative Energy

Darcey Gerstein
Cooperator News Publisher in Energy Conservation

Making a Smart Building: Integrating Heating & Cooling Controls with Electrical Submetering

Jordan L. Dentz
Cooperator News Publisher in Energy Conservation

Submetering at Georgetown Mews: reducing energy, changing behavior - A surefire way of changing energy-use behavior among your building’s residents?

Make them pay for it. Read how Georgetown Mews, a 37-building, 930-unit co-op made the transition to submetering.

The Green Report
Habitat Magazine

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) provides decent and affordable housing in a safe and secure living environment for low- and moderate-income residents throughout the five boroughs

2006 ETAP
New York City Excellence in Technology Awards Program

With the passage of the Massachusetts Electric Industry Restructuring Act in 1997, the commonwealth began reshaping its once highly regulated electric industry. The result is competition for your energy business from a range of energy services firms and competitive power suppliers

Christopher Anderson
Mass High Tech

"The units installed, designed and produced by Intech 21, will also allow for individual tenant monitoring of electrical usage, resulting in savings for our residents, if Con Ed ever allows billing by actual usage or re-institutes its demand response program."

Special Initiatves
Banana Kelly CIA Inc.

There's certainly no disputing the value — or the cost — of electric power to modern living and the economy. And information about the energy we use has a value all its own.

That value lies in cost savings and energy conservation, and the Massachusetts High Technology Council has set its sights on bringing those benefits home to Bay State businesses via the Mass Energy Alliance (MEA), a partnership of the MHTC and New York-based Intech 21 Inc.

Jay Rizoll
Mass High Tech

"The Massachusetts High Technology Council and Constellation NewEnergy are installing wireless energy monitoring devices at high tech facilities -- using information to get more value for energy customers. Utility distribution companies are missing the opportunity to turn information into new value-added services."

Jim Walker
Whole View Tech Strategy Research

The Massachusetts High Technology Council said it has formed a business alliance with Intech 21 of New York to offer companies advanced energy control systems, such as wireless and Web-based systems to monitor and manage energy consumption in offices, factories, and apartment buildings. The council said the newly formed Mass. Energy Alliance has a ''letter of intent'' with Boston-based AES NewEnergy to install 50 of the systems for commercial customers in Massachusetts, including five at EMC Corp. plants in Hopkinton and Westborough. The systems can link heating and cooling equipment by radio to Net-connected servers to automate energy conservation and consumption monitoring.

Peter J. Howe
The Boston Globe

Residents of city Housing Authority apartments who love taking long hot showers, leaving the lights on, or perhaps keeping the radio and TV going all night, had better watch out.

"If the way we use energy in our developments doesn't change, eventually NYCHA will have the change the way we calculate energy usage," said Margarita Lopez, environmental coordinator for NYCHA. "People will be in a situation where they will have to pay."


The Electric Equalizer

Ronda Kaysen
Habitat Publisher in Electricity, Submetering

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