Media Independent Network Node - NN2100

Product Information

NN2100 Wireless Network Node is a data collection and communication device for the wireless controllers/sensors (Temperature sensors) in the facility.

The Network Node has an onboard radio communication module, which uses schematics and PCB layout of the I21RU4 module developed by Intech 21.

NN2100 is an integral part of a wireless network system.

NN2100 is a device, which receives and retransmits data packets in order to provide the most effective wireless communication system operation.

Technical Specifications:

Power Supply: 8-12VDC
Rated Current: 0.03A
Temperature accuracy: +/- 1ºF


Wireless: RF module I21RU4,
Frequency: 908 – 928MHz ISM band
Output Power: 0dbm +/- 2bd
Wireless Data-rate: 19.2kbs
Wired interface: RS232: 9600bps
RS485: 9600bps

Environmental conditions: 10ºF - 140ºF
(95% humidity without condensation)
Physical dimensions: H = 1.1”; W = 2.6”; D = 5.4”
Weight: 0.3lb

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