Product Information

KW2108 has 8 multifunctional I/O channels, which can be configured as 4-20mA analog inputs AI’s, or digital inputs DI’s. Two channels can be configured as solid state relays outputs.

The configuration is performed in hardware and in firmware.

DI’s (Digital Inputs) may be programmed not only to detect open or close but also to perform KYZ pulses counting functions.

AI’s (Analog Inputs) may be programmed not only to measure the analog input voltage level, but also to calculate the input current and to perform integrator. The integrator functions are used to calculate for example the amount of fuel used or the amount of Steam used.

KW2108 has real time clock and every measurement is time stamped. The watchdog timer is used to reset any possible software malfunctions. The on board 32K nonvolatile memory used to store the measurements for short time in case the communication channel is not available. The KW2108 can be interfaced through the RS485 communication or through separate the RS232 D9 connector.

KW2108 is powered with 9VDC.

KW2108 devices connected by RS485 interface line may be installed near utility meters having KYZ terminals, equipment with digital or 4-20mA outputs. Data is collected to the main server using packet exchange protocol.

Data may be also acquired and sent to main server through Internet by the RE 2104 device.

Some of the devices may be also accessed wirelessly