Product Information

The Zone Valve Local Controller ZVLC-2104 provides control of the Building's Steam Zone Valve to regulate the amount of heat (thermal energy) supplied to the Building.

The ZVLC-2104 works as a standalone controller or can be connected to a Local Server, which furnishes the additional settings' adjustment to ZVLC-2104 based on apartments real time temperature reading, which will improve the heating supply efficiency and avoid apartment over/under-heating.

When the ZVLC-2104 is connected to the Local Server it can be monitored and controlled from the local Intranet and/or Internet with appropriate authentications

  • For use with the floating-point type motor and position feedback potentiometer.

  • Automatic positioning of the zone valve in accordance with operation

  • settings and measured temperatures.
  • Manual positioning of the control valve.

  • Day and night modes of operation. Programmable heating season dates.

  • Morning Boost period up to 120 min

  • Displays the valve position.

  • Displays the temperature at the outdoor sensor.

  • Adaptable to different types of standard temperature sensors and valve motors.

  • Provides compensator control for unusual weather conditions.

  • Programmable maximum valve position limit.

  • Simple calibration procedure.

  • Internal real-time clock/calendar with backup battery.

  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time clock adjustment.

  • Boiler Pressure Loss sensor processing.

  • Locally controlled by the four-button keypad and convenient menu.

  • Password protection for the critical parameters' settings.

  • Remotely controlled and/or monitored through the RS485 interface.